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Thirukarugavur temple

Thirukarugavur temple is to be found in Thanjavur district.Thirukarugavur temple is famous for baby boom.Thirukarugavur temple is located Cauvery's tributary Vettar flows by, adding to the natural beauty of the place.

The temple lies 20 km east of Thanjavur and 20 km west of Kumbakonam.A padal petra sthalam, Thirugnana Sambandar and Thirunavukarasar have sung the glory of this temple. It is being well maintained by the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department.

Lord Shiva is known as Mullaivananathar and the goddess, Karukatha Nayagi (Sri Garbarakshambigai) in this temple. The place was earlier known as Mullaivanam and sages Gauthamar amd Kargeyar were performing penance there. Nithuruvar and his wife Vedigai stayed in the ashram and served the sages. They told the sages that they were childless and wanted children. The two sages advised that they worship Mullaivananathar and Karukatha Nayagi to have their wish fulfilled.After they prayed to the Lord and His consort, Vedigai became pregnant. Once when Nithuruvar was not around and Vedigai was in a swoon during to her pregnancy, sage Oordhuva Padar came to the ashram seeking alms. As Vedigai was unconscious and Nithuruvar was not there, they could not give him alms. Angered by the indifference, the sage cursed Vedigai and her foetus got aborted.

Shaken by these happenings, Vedigai appealed to the Goddess who appeared as Garbarakshambigai in front of her. She put the aborted foetus in a 'kudam' and safeguarded it till it attained its full growth. She handed over baby Nanduruvan to Vedigai.

Thrilled at the Goddess' kindness, Vedigai prayed to Her that She should stay in the same place in the form of Garbarakshambigai and help save pregnant women and foetuses.

The Ambal also agreed and from that day on the place came to be known as Thirukarugavur and the Goddess as Sri Garbarakshambigai.Since Vedigai could not breastfeed Nanduruvan, the Goddess sent Kamadhenu to feed the baby. Kamadhenu scratched the surface of the ground with its hoof and a milk tank appeared. The tank found opposite the temple is still known as ksheerakundam (milk tank).It is believed that the childless and those who are not able to sustain a pregnancy would be blessed with a child if they prayed to the Ambal here. And for those who are already pregnant, the oil sold in the temple would act as an armour and help them have an easy delivery.Mullaivananathar is a swayambulingam. It is made of an anthill (putru manal) and there are marks on the Lingam of a mullai (jasmine) creeper that is believed to have wrapped itself around it. Those who suffer from incurable diseases, do punugu (a kind of perfumed substance obtained from the civet cat) abhishekam to get cured

The special features of pooja to get conceive

  • Special Ghee prasadam pooja - For safety delivery of baby
  • Castor oil prasadam pooja. To pray for better health

Punugu sattam pooja,Abishegam,Annadhanam,Kattalai Archanai, Nava kodi nei theepam (nine crore ghee lamps),Sandana kappu. (Sandal Paste offering), Thanga thottil(golden cot,Thulaa-bharam, Ear boring and Head tonsure.

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pregnant women must visit temple - 5 stars - 2015-04-01 - Karthikeyan

Every pregnant women must visit this temple for blessed safety baby born.

Powerful god - 5 stars - 2015-03-09 - sraja

We went there 2012 may and we blessed with baby 2013 march .Thanks to goddess Garbarakshambigai to giving us blessed baby